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Radinn Carve

Radinn Carve

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The Radinn Carve is designed for light intermediate and advanced riders. The small shape with foot straps enables sharp turns and a very agile riding style. Our price is including the big motor and the big battery. 

The Radinn Carve is newest Jetboard for intermediate and advanced riders in the 2021 line up. Colours are either a combination of white, grey, dark cyan (Tarifa) or dark grey (Phantom).

Attention. Our price is including the big motor and the big battery. A different setup makes no sense from our point of view.

The board:

With just 9 kg the hull without battery and Jetpack is  very light and has the dimensions of 178 x 63 x 17 cm. It offers a top speed of up to 42 km/h (26 mph) or up to 52 km/h (32 mph) depending on which Jetpack is used. The range depending on the battery chosen up to 45 minutes. The board including jetpack weighs 21 kg plus 20 kg for the battery which makes 41 kg in total.

The board has a lightweight EPS core with a compressed, fiber reinforced resin shell and ABS polymer interface zones.

Who ist for?

It is designed for advanced riders which like tight turns and it can be used as a race board as it has foot straps for more control. While it is shipping without a handle you can connect a handle if you want to. This would enable even sharper turns but feels less like surfing. The Radinn Carve Jetboards come with the board, a jetpack, a battery, a remote control, a set of FCS fins, a magnetic safety leash and a standard charger. There is an optional speed charger which reduces the charging tome from 4-5 hours to about 2 hours. It is however recommended to use the standard charger for slower charging every 10th charging cycle to extend the battery live.

Experience level: intermediate
Max. Speed: Up to 52 km/h
Range: Up to 45 minutes
Charging time: 120 (quick charger) minutes
Engine: 7,5 - 9 kW kW
Weight incl. battery: 41 kg
Length: 178 cm
Width: 63 cm
Deliver time: 8 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 90 kg
Remote control: yes


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