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Lampuga Battery

Lampuga Battery

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The extra Lampuga battery: the top seller among Lampuga accessories. Double the range.

Double the ride time with an extra Lampuga Air battery. Enough power for a whole day of fun on the water.

Lampuga Air surfboards are powered by a lithium-ion battery (Lampuga Battery) with a capacity of 3.6 kWh. Depending on riding style, weight, experience level, and weather conditions, the Lampuga Battery allows for up to 45 minutes of riding.

Using a plug-and-play battery system, the battery can be both recharged and easily swapped, allowing for effortless recharging or battery replacement. When using a 230-volt outlet, the battery is fully charged in approximately 120 minutes. The battery is equipped with an LED indicator on the top that shows the battery's charge status.


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