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Awake Vinga S

Awake Vinga S

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 The Awake Vinga offers up to 2 hours of ride time and can support a maximum rider weight of 110 kg. With its three riding modes (eco, sport, and extreme), the board can be customized to the rider's skill level and preferences. The charging time for the board is 80 minutes, and the fully shielded jet drive ensures safety during use.

The Click-to-Ride technology makes assembly and disassembly of the board a breeze, and the high-resolution remote control display makes it easy to select the desired riding mode. The Flex batteries, which are compatible with both the Rävik jetboards and the Awake Vinga, provide flexibility and convenience for riders who own multiple Awake Boards products.

Overall, the Awake Vinga is a high-quality eFoil designed for sporty riders who value safety, convenience, and customization options.

Awake Vinga specs:

  • Ride time: Up to 2 hours
  • Riding modes: Eco, Sport and Extreme
  • Safety: Fully shielded jet drive
  • Charging time: 80 minutes
  • Maximum rider weight: 110 kg
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