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The EWAKE 172 and 151 are the latest custom made jetboards from EWAKE. They impress with three jets and carbon real wood hull.

The EWAKE is in a class of its own with its noble carbon real wood hull and Italian design. The world-famous Riva boats were the inspiration for this.

The drive concept with 3 parallel arranged jets brings a fanned jet drive with corresponding running smoothness. As an accessory there is a trim set for light or strong riders up to 120 kg can be adjusted and optimized.

The inwater plugin of the battery is unique in handling - especially for boat/yacht owners. The battery can be used in the floating board in the water! Compared to other boards you have only half the weight e.g. when maneuvering on deck, on the bathing platform or on the beach. There are no plugs or buckles to plug in manually - no silting or corrosion.

The underside in W-shape gives directional stability and supports the continuous water pressure on the inlets.

The 3-jet configuration also gives safety when cruising in coastal areas. Optional rescue battery and GPS rescue function are available from EWAKE.

The set for online streaming using onboard cameras, developed with TU-Munich and Siemens Mendix®, will be available from summer 2023. This allows two or more riders to present their rides directly online via app/youtube/twitch during the break.

Thanks to the internal intake ports and no fins, the board is only 15 cm flat and can be easily stowed in a camper or boat. The 172 is 172 cm long. There is also a short form with only 151 cm length - that even fits crosswise on the back seat in the car. The EWAKE board was designed with German F1 suppliers**, optimized in handling and is "Made in Germany".

The carbon edges offer carving grip in the water and are at the same time insensitive and impact resistant. It is very slippery with ideal cornering behavior. The board has a wide range of use for beginners and advanced riders.

Technical data:

  • Full carbon with noble real wood inlay
  • Made in Germany / Italian design
  • Inwater battery plug-in e.g. for use on yachts
  • Dimensions: 172 x 61 x 15 cm (or 151 x 62 x 14 cm)
  • Weight of the board without battery 21 kg
  • Tail: Power from three jets
  • Jet arrangement: Parallel for better efficiency
  • 11 kW or 15 kW power
  • Maintenance free gearless motors
  • Top speed 50 km/h
  • Underwater hull: W shape with carving edges
  • Buoyancy / volume 115 l (172)
  • Nose rocker: steep
  • Tail rocker: 0-degree for maximum wakefeeling and fast planing
  • Wireless Controller
  • Riding time Race battery: 15 - 20 minutes // Long Range: 20 - 45 minutes
  • Weight battery: Race 16 kg // LR battery: 18 kg
  • Charging time: 1,5 hours / 2,5 hours
  • Battery in subscription from 20 € monthly
  • Rescue functions for coastal rides or for young riders
  • Footstraps and handles of raw wood
  • Quick-Stop / Safety-Leash
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